Tectus adheres to all mandates for public or security industry training and certifications for armed/unarmed security agents as mandated by Louisiana State of Private Examiners Board

Tectus will assess each client and tailor a security plan that best fits their needs.

Tectus Security Services provides all employees with standard operating procedures. Client, employee, and personnel safety is the first priority in our business. Our rigorous training procedures allow our security agents to properly conduct their duties in an orderly and methodical fashion. Safety is a core value for Tectus Security Services. The security of a company’s employees directly affects its morale and profits.

While on duty, security agents are seen as authority figures. Even when an agent’s duties may not directly include safety responsibilities, they are conscientious and on guard for the general safety of all persons within the agent’s area of responsibility. Our goal is to minimize the risk of loss to persons and property to avoid potential liability and maximize productivity in a safe, secure environment.

Tectus Security Services has never had a safety violation, labor complaint, lawsuit, or worker’s compensation claim.